The skirting board that heats your home


Imagine a home where you can decide the layout and arrange the furniture however you want. Imagine a controllable, comfortable, energy efficient heating system that responds in minutes, and yet works just as well with any floor covering or finish.


Whether it’s a kitchen diner, bedroom or basement, living room or loft Thermaskirt creates valuable wall space by removing the radiators – without disturbing your floors. Just imagine; extra kitchen units or fitted bedroom furniture where the radiator used to be, a sofa where everyone can enjoy the TV, or just more space to roam around.
Saying bye-bye to your bulky storage heaters or replacing your panel radiators, doesn’t mean you have to take up the floor coverings to install underfloor heating.
Thermaskirt can either connect straight onto any conventional plumbing system or any suitable electrical heating circuit and simultaneously provides a freshly painted new set of skirting boards that are durable, versatile and energy efficient.

A Central Heating System That Actually Bends...


ThermaSkirt h20 is available in a wide range of profiles and colours. With integral oval pipes ThermaSkirt h20 will work with any primary heat source of hot water; boilers (gas, oil), wood pellet and bio mass and renewables such as heat pumps and solar assisted systems.
Thermaskirt e is available with a range of interchangeable top profiles to completely
change the look from room to room.
Provided as standard in a smart, modern Deco pencil round profile, Thermaskirt e can
be transformed in no time at all into a traditional Torus profile, a stylish Lambs Tongue, an easy-to-clean Bull nose or a stately Ogee profile.
Special colours, sizes and top profiles are available for volume project orders.

Retrofit To All Sorts Of Systems


Thermoskirt is an aluminium skirting that comes in up to ten metres lengths the boards are ten times more effective at radiating heat than steel, behind the skirting boards are two metal pipes where the hot water flows to heat the boards. The beauty is the old pipework can be retrofit just like a radiator. It will retrofit to all sorts of systems including gas, oil, bio, pellet boilers which is brilliant news for homeowners who have taken advantage of eco systems. Thermaskirt comes in a large range of profiles and colours to suit your needs.

The things that we need clarify on are definitely the price, the installation and the heat efficiency of the product.

Heat Efficiency

This product is energy efficient and it uses less energy but yet has the proven system provides real heat.  It has a unique self regulating heating element uses less energy as the room heats up and will not overheat even if covered by insulating materials.

Thermaskirt is unique self regulating heating element uses less energy as the room heats up and will not overheat even if covered by


Price wise this is a real competitor for underfloor heating and its well worth considering a quotation.


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