When it comes to buying a new boiler for your home, its a big decision. It’s usually because your current boiler has broken beyond repair and you need to keep your house warm in winter! Most boilers breakdown in mid October when they are switched back on for the first time, after spending the summer not in use or when it’s really cold and the ageing boiler is put under stress.


Also as boilers get older, they become less efficient, using more energy to work and they have a tendency to breakdown, which can be expensive. These are usually the first signs you boiler is starting to wear.

Today, boilers supplied by Clever Energy Boilers are the latest, most energy efficient on the market, with the Worcester Bosch Greenstar having an energy rating of 91% the highest of any boiler. The key consideration is that your boiler keeps your household nice and warm and supplied with hot water, whilst keeping your energy costs low as possible. With the cost of energy constantly on the up, the more efficient and effective your heating system, the lower your heating bills. At Clever Energy we work on the basis that the cost of installing your boiler on one of our payment packages can be offset by the savings made on your energy bills – meaning you will pay as you save!


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