Baxi Heating are a part of the BDR Thermea Group which is based in the Netherlands, Baxi has been manufacturing in the UK since 1866 and It has a fair reputation.

Baxi 630 Combi Boiler

The Baxi 630 combi boiler is one possible solution to your boiler replacement issue. Although Baxi is now owned by a Dutch firm, it has been operating in the UK since 1866 and is well established in the boiler and heating sector in this country. The company also produces boilers under the Potterton brand as well as a number of other business names.

The firm provides a wide range of different devices to suit all central heating and hot water needs. Whether it is a model suitable for a medium sized home with up to two bathrooms, such as the Baxi 630 combi boiler, or a more powerful system boiler to suit a bigger property with more hot water use, you should find something to fit your needs.

In the most recent Which? Magazine boiler brand report, Baxi fared reasonably well, with an overall brand score of 74%. This put the company in sixth place in terms of the combined reviews of both customers and trusted gas engineers when compared against the biggest boiler manufacturers on the market.

Clever Energy Boilers’ skilled gas installers can fit your Baxi 630 combi boiler for you if you wish. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the way in which we ensure we tidy up after ourselves. Our staff leave your home as they found it, no matter how much work is required to fit your new boiler.

Baxi 630 30kW Combi Boiler

The Baxi 630 30kW combi boiler runs using natural gas as standard, although there is also an LPG version. If you use LPG at your property, you need to make sure that you order that version of the Baxi 630 30kW combi boiler for your installation. Some other models can work with both fuel sources, but that is not a feature of the Baxi 630 unfortunately.

Efficiency is important when it comes to your new boiler, and the Baxi 630 30kW combi boiler certainly ticks the boxes in that regard. It is A-rated for both heating and hot water, ensuring that you will find a noticeable difference between your energy bills when using your old, inefficient device and this shiny new one. As is common with all major modern boilers, the Baxi 630 is Energy Saving Trust endorsed, so you know that it will help you save cash on fuel and help reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

The boiler itself is compact enough to fit in a cupboard in your kitchen or bathroom, boasts an Easy Fill permanent filling loop and comes with a seven-year warranty as standard. This isn’t the longest on the market by any stretch of the imagination, but it is still a decent length. You can operate the Baxi 630 30kW combi boiler via your smartphone or tablet device, but it is not compatible with solar panels unfortunately.

Baxi 600 Range

The Baxi 600 range contains boilers of different sizes to suit different homes. The Baxi 630 is good for properties of up to around three bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. For smaller houses and flats, you might prefer to look at the Baxi 624. Alternatively, if you own a bigger property with up to two bathrooms, the Baxi 636 combi would fit your purposes.

The range all come with a similar energy efficiency rating, as well as the same dimensions and features. The only major difference is the output, which dictates which boiler will work best for your family’s circumstances.

Combi boilers take water from the mains supply and heat it on demand when you turn on the taps or shower. With a reasonable flow rate in your home, they can cope with the demands of two bathrooms. If you have more than two bathrooms, you might want to look at the Baxi 600 range of system boilers instead. These pre-heat water and store it in a cylinder in the home, ready to service baths, showers and sinks when needed.

There are 15kW, 18kW and 24kW versions of the Baxi 600 system boiler range. In addition, you can find LPG versions of the Baxi 600 boilers in both combi and system varieties.

Baxi 630 Price

The Baxi 630 price depends on a range of factors, rather than just on the cost of the unit itself. In order to install the Baxi 630 30kW combi boiler, our expert engineer will have to assess the whole job first. Essentially though, the less labour there is involved, the cheaper the installation will be.

For example, if you currently have a combi boiler and wish to replace it with a Baxi 630 in the same position in the home, that is a straightforward job. In that case, the Baxi 630 price would be reasonably low. However, if you currently have a system boiler and want to take that out and put in a Baxi 630 30kW combi boiler in an entirely different room, that would be another matter. The engineer would have to re-route the pipework and install a flue among other additional jobs.

This is why our staff perform a home survey before we give you a quote. The survey is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to buy. They make sure you are getting a boiler with the exact output you need to heat your home and also to save money on energy bills. They consider what the job will entail and they provide a quote based on that. The price is then fixed for a number of days to allow you to make up your mind.

Baxi 630 Combi Boiler Reviews

The Baxi 630 combi boiler reviews are generally positive, with many praising the lightweight design as well as the compact dimensions that mean you can hide it away if you wish. The features that come with the boiler are decent compared with some others on the market and the fact that you can control this model with smart technology is a real bonus. Some will be disappointed that the Baxi 630 30kW combi boiler is not compatible with solar power sources, especially as society is becoming ever-greener in the way it thinks about matters such as energy consumption.

Baxi itself was given a fairly disappointing write-up by Which?. To say that the company is one of the leading names in boiler manufacture, it will be disappointed to score only three stars out of five when it comes to recommendation by trusted engineers. A brand score of 74% is fine, but a long way behind the likes of Worcester Bosch, which topped the poll with a mighty 90%.

Worcester Bosch is our recommended boiler firm and we are accredited installers for their products. We believe they are the best built boilers on the market and our opinion is backed up by both the customers and engineers questioned for the Which? report.

If you have read the Baxi 630 combi boiler reviews and still want to go ahead with that model, you can call us on 0330 055 2210 to discuss your needs further.

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