Buying a boiler can often be the last thing on your mind but when it suddenly stops working or starts playing up in the middle of winter you may need a little help in deciding which boiler is the right to suit your family’s needs. Let’s run through some great information with you so you compare combi boilers and find the best combi boiler in 2019.


To Repair Or Replace Your Boiler

If your boiler has broken it is a good idea to get a quote to get the
boiler repaired BUT if the boiler is over ten years old you maybe better to
replace the boiler. Boilers are only built to last ten years and what you may
find is that you pay for an expensive repair only for the boiler to break again
in a few short months therefore it makes financial sense to replace the boiler
rather than repair it.


Here are some valid reasons you may want to replace it:


  • Older boilers which are over 10 years old the
    parts are hard to locate
  • A repair would contribute greatly towards the
    cost of a boiler replacement
  • A new energy efficient boiler will lower your
    bills substantially
  • Older gas guzzling boilers are not good for
    the environment
  • Older boilers can be more costly to repair
  • Adding smart thermostat controls can further reduce
    your bills
  • You can save over £300 on your bills and over
    ten years this adds up to £3000 so the boiler pays for itself
  • Complete peace of mind.


Why Buy A Combi Boiler?

A combi boiler is now the most popular choice, and this is down to two
main reasons efficiency and its space saving ability.


  • A combi boiler is a single unit that can heat
    water directly from the mains without any need for an additional storage tank,
    it also heats the central heating for the home.
  • In a modern home space is at a premium, a
    combi boiler can fit discretely into a kitchen cupboard and is hidden out of
  • No need for additional water cylinders or
    header tank in the attic
  • Less expensive to install than a system or
    conventional boiler
  • Very easy to install and repair
  • They range in size from 24kW for a small house
    to a massive 42kW for a larger home, for the best combi boilers in 2019.


Best Combi Boiler Reviews In The UK 2019

We have searched the UK market and we have found which are the most popular boilers in the UK and here we are going to look at both the pro’s and con’s in which boiler will suit your needs. Best Combi Boiler Reviews in The UK 2019

As a company we have installed over 6000 boilers since we entered the boiler market so we think we have a little experience to offer and good advice on the best combi boiler reviews and the best combi boiler deals so lets take a look at a few.



1. Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler – 5 Star Trustpilot Review


worcester bosch trustpilot reviewsbest combi boiler as it has excellent reviews on all review sites

Worcester Bosch have an excellent reputation for the best combi boiler
in the UK and have developed a superior boiler range and great reputation in
terms of after service and supply of parts. The company originated in the UK
but is German owned and we British love German Bosch technology. Which?
Recommend this brand and it has developed an excellent reputation for
resilience, design and the clever technology that the boiler is built upon such
as its digital display.

The boiler ranges come with a 5 year warranty but this can be extended to
ten years so look out for deals that offer you ten years warranty. To keep you
warranty you need to get your boiler serviced every year or your warranty will
lapse so bare this in mind. Please Note: this is an industry wide standard not
just with Worcester Bosch all manufacturers expect you to service your boiler
every year to keep you warranty.




  • The Market Leader In The UK
  • Boiler Ease to Install & Great After Sales Service
  • Warranty:5 Years that can be extended to 10
  • ErP Rating Heating Efficiency A
  • Good Quality Boilers with Excellent Reputation
  • Excellent Which Report & Trust Pilot Reviews




  • Boiler breakdowns for some customers
  • Expensive to purchase for both parts and the boiler itself
  • aluminium heat exchanger


2. Vaillant Combi Boiler – 4 Star Trust Pilot Review


vaillant best combi boilers in the uk
Vaillant Combi Boiler with a great reputation

The Vaillant Boiler Group has built a great reputation and have been
trading for over 140 years they export to 20 countries around the world, so I think
they know a thing or two about boilers. They are a German family run company
and we Brits are a sucker for German technology as we know they technically build
the best combi boilers.

This boiler comes up as a Which? Best Buy as well as Worcester Bosch and
Vaillant and is therefore one of our top choices for you the main issue with
this boiler is it is expensive to buy and parts are expensive too. Some reviews
say that the boiler is excellent and others report faults straight after
installation but this could be down to the installer rather than the boiler
itself. In general, the boiler has great reviews from its customers.

As a buyer you must do your research as a boiler is an important purchase as it should last you at least ten years so we’ve written a review for you on this boiler in more detail here.  

best combi boiler reviews




  • Warranty: 5 Years that can be extended to 10
  • ErP Rating Heating Efficiency A
  • Quality German Boilers with Excellent Reputation
  • Mounting Wall Mounted or Floor mounted
  • Quiet Start Feature So Good For Bedroom Install




  • Complaints of unreliable, faulty boilers
  • Boiler breakdowns for some customers
  • Expensive to purchase for both parts and the boiler itself


3. Ideal Combi Boiler 2 Star Trust Pilot Review


Ideal Combi Boiler Manufactured in Hull

Ideal Boiler a Hull based British manufacturer that was founded in 1905 who
introduced a cost-effective solution for installing central heating across the
UK. Now this company have had issues over the years and took the whole boiler
back to the drawing board, redesigned it and went on to gain the Queens Award
for Enterprise and engineering in 2013. Since then this company has gone from strength
to strength. They have recently been taken over by a French company Groupe Atlantic and as leaders in France for air source heat
pumps, they see this partnership as a good strategic move.




  • Hull based manufacturer
  • Known as an affordable boiler brand
  • Award winning boiler for innovation
  • Good reputation in the UK due to long manufacturing history
  • Loer priced option boiler
  • Smaller can fit discretely into a kitchen cupboard




  • Bad reviews on Trustpilot and Which Report
  • Boiler breakdowns slower to respond
  • Had a bad reputation but improved since redesign
  • Central heating output: 24kW
  • Domestic hot water (DHW) Output: 25kW
  • Hot water flow rate: 10.2 litres/minute


4. Viessman Combi Boiler – 2 Star Trust Pilot Review


viessmann combi boiler

Viessmann are not a well known brand in the UK but over the last few
years there has been a surge in popularity for this brand. Viessmann was
founded in Germany in 1917 and has developed the brand across the EU and technical
innovation and new ideas.  According to the
Which? Report they gain best boiler reviews in 2018 they the most
reliable boiler in the UK and are well liked by boiler owners and boiler
engineers alike.

The four main things reliability, availability of parts, after sales
service and warranties and Viessman offers this all. Viessmann offer extended warranties
on all their boilers. The best combi boiler range of Vitomen Combi Boilers are
A Rated and extremely efficient which offers savings on your energy bill which
we all love. A standard warranty of five years can easily be upgraded to ten,
this gives you complete peace of mind for your boiler




  • Stainless Steel heat exchangers in some models, not all
  • Number 2 Market Leader in the EU and UK
  • High quality, high efficiency boilers
  • Can Extend to a 10-Year Warranties




  • Stainless steel heat exchanger in some models, aluminium for the rest
  • Complaints of unreliable, faulty boilers
  • Boiler breakdowns for some customers
  • Expensive to purchase for both parts and the boiler itself


5. Baxi Combi Boiler – 1 Star Trust Pilot Reviews


Baxi Combi Boiler manufactured in the UK since 1866

Baxi is part of the Therma Group which manufactures worldwide, it has been manufacturing boilers in the UK since 1866 and I’m sure things have changed greatly since then. They profess to install highly efficient boilers that are maintained with ease. Well the online reviews on Trustpilot that reflect customer experience are very different.

The boiler has reliability problems and it is in fact one that we do not install, and this is due to its reputation for poor after sales service that is in fact backed by online reviews. Baxi is part of a larger group that manufactures Potterton, Mains and Heatrae to name a few. It’s such a shame they need to get after sales service sorted.




  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Known as an affordable boiler brand
  • Well known brand in the UK due to long manufacturing history
  • Lower priced option boiler




  • Lots of consumer complaints for being unreliable and faults
  • Bad reviews on Trustpilot and Which Report
  • Infamous for bad customer service
  • Confusing warranty options
  • Lower efficiency, lower reliability than other brands


Conclusion For Best Boiler 2019


To find the best Combi Boiler 2019 I’ve researched the market for you and read the review sites to give you an honest unbiased opinion that hopefully is factual detailed information regarding the UK’s domestic combi boiler market

To do this I have researched Trust pilot for those of you who don’t know
trust pilot the reviews on there are written by customers who have actually experienced
service from these companies. Also Which? Report who surveys customers to
ascertain their opinions on top UK brands.


What is the Best
Combi Boiler?


The findings in this article are of no surprise to our company because we
are Worcester Bosch Installers and have been for the last 7 years. We absolutely
love the Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers and we highly recommend them as the best
combi boiler
for you in terms of reliability, parts, after sales service
and of course the German technology behind the actual boiler.

Installing the right boiler will last you for over 10 years and it give
you many years of service heating your home and a constant supply of hot water
for your home. Chose wisely in this instant buying the cheapest option may not
be the right solution in these circumstances.


What Next – Boiler Reviews

If you have decided on which is the best combi boiler for your needs then contact us on 01274 214 337 or fill in the form here and we will be happy to help you.



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Brilliant service from all the team. Thanks. Our old boiler died and from a very reasonable quote to fitting a new one within a couple days. Excellent advice and workmanship too

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Brilliant service from all the team. Thanks. Our old boiler died and from a very reasonable quote to fitting a new one within a couple days. Excellent advice and workmanship too

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