We can advise on the best option when it comes to a full system and how this works to efficiently heat your home in conjunction with a new gas boiler. It’s important that a new boiler works to its optimum when converting the heat generated to radiators, having the right system is important.

Clever Energy Boiler can assess and advise the best installation, so boiler and system work together. We supply to you components from only the leading central heating manufacturers covering all aspects of the system from the temperature controls and radiators to full renewable alternatives. Our Surveyors Installation Engineers are fully trained and experienced, which is why we can provide everything from simple repairs to a new boiler and central heating system.

Radiators are an important part of any central heating system, just like your boiler. If there is a problem, it can effect your entire heating. Radiators can suffer wear and tear over time and corrosion can be a cause of a reduction in performance.

When radiators or pipework are damaged and need attention, Clever Energy Boilers will recommend work to solve the issue, because fitting a new boiler onto a ageing system can be problematic.

Sometimes when you have a new boiler fitted, you may need new radiators as well. With Clever Energy Boilers, your heating system is assessed by our Surveyor, so you are given the best information about the best solution, when replacing just a boiler or an entire system.

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