We can offer an energy efficient heating system for any commercial boiler installation. Our boiler range is wide couple this with our highly skilled installation team this allows us to offer you a great solution to fulfil your needs.

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Commercial Boilers From Worcester Bosch

At Clever Energy Boilers, we provide the best commercial boilers to businesses across the north of England and the Midlands. Whatever the size of your premises, we supply commercial boilers that work for your exact requirements from leading names in the industry, including our preferred manufacturer, Worcester Bosch.

With a range that runs from 30kW, similar to the type of boiler used in a reasonably large home, to 3.5MW, which can provide heat for a factory or plant, there is a boiler to keep you and your team warm. Worcester Bosch boilers offer outstanding performance levels and they are among the most trusted brands in the UK. Which? Magazine recently provided them with their highest brand score for boilers, as well as branding many of their models as Best Buys for their size and type.

This is the reason that Clever Energy Boilers are Worcester Bosch accredited installers and recommend their products to both commercial and domestic clients.

If you need a commercial boiler, we will come to your business and complete a thorough, accurate commercial survey. This helps us recommend exactly the right boiler for your requirements and means you can fine tune exactly what you want from that boiler. This way, we can save you the most amount of money possible on your commercial energy bills. Contact us today to book in a survey.

What is a Commercial Gas Fired Boiler?

system boiler worcester boschCommercial gas fired boilers are those that use gas to provide the energy to heat business premises. Gas is the most popular method of heating properties in the UK and is a relatively cheap and very effective way of distributing warmth around workplaces. There is a large range of Worcester Bosch commercial gas fired boilers that are suitable for businesses of many different sizes, and an expert boiler engineer will be able to recommend the precise model to fulfill all of your needs in the most economical way possible.

To be able to have a commercial gas fired boiler installed, you need to be connected to the gas grid. You can pay to connect to the network if you are not already on there, but you will have to pay a fee for the work. The gas from the mains allows the boiler to fire up when told to, whether it is on a timer, a thermostat or on your command either manually or through an app that controls the system.

The boiler heats the water that runs to and from the radiators in the property, allowing them to keep your workforce warm as they go about their daily tasks. Commercial gas fired boilers use condensing technology to reuse the energy from the water vapour in the exhaust gases that would otherwise be lost. This makes them much more efficient than old-style non-condensing boilers.

What is a Commercial Oil Fired Boiler?

commercial Worcester of the Green springAn alternative to a gas fired model is the commercial oil fired boiler. These boilers work in a similar way to the gas version, but use oil to power them and to provide heat to your premises. To use a commercial oil fired boiler, you will need a storage tank on site somewhere in order to hold the oil that you need to fuel the device.

The principle is very much the same as with gas fired boilers; the oil fuels the boiler, heating up the water that runs through your pipes and into the heaters on site. Just as with all new gas boilers, there are condensing commercial oil fired boilers too. They extract as much latent heat as possible from the flue gases in order to be as efficient as possible. The greater the efficiency of the boiler, the lower your commercial heating bills and the better it is for the environment.

If you are not connected to the gas main or you would like an alternative source of heat and you have the capacity to install a storage tank, then a commercial oil fired boiler is a great option. You can discuss the merits of fitting an oil filled boiler in your commercial property with the experienced Clever Energy Boilers representative when they come to carry out their survey. All our project manager specialists have years of experience working with businesses and know exactly which boiler will work the best for each unique situation.

High Efficiency Commercial Gas Boilers

We install high efficiency commercial gas boilers for numerous business clients, all of whom are looking to save on their energy bills and do their bit for the environment. To achieve this, our expert work with representatives from companies to calculate accurately the size of boiler needed. This means there is enough power to keep the site warm, but not too much so that energy is wasted.

Once this has been worked out, we can offer you choices from a range of high efficiency commercial gas boilers. For example, our preferred manufacturer Worcester Bosch produces the GB 162 V2 boiler, which is A rated for efficiency, and thanks to the condensing technology that it carries, it can boast a mighty 108% net efficiency. Worcester Bosch is renowned for its high efficiency commercial gas boilers, which is one of the reasons that we are proud to offer their products. We also fit a number of other high efficiency boilers for commercial properties, manufactured by a host of other reputable firms.

Gas is the most efficient of all of the fossil fuels for heating your commercial premises. It is also extremely cost effective, offering a good amount of heat for your money.

Commercial Boiler Prices

When it comes to commercial boiler prices, the amount that you pay for the perfect system is based on a number of factors. You can pick the standard model that suits your needs, or opt for a premium version that might include more features to help keep your workplace at the perfect temperature. This has a bearing on price, as does the decision you make between gas and oil fired commercial boilers, and whether you want a wall hung or floor standing boiler.

In addition, the size of your premises helps dictate the cost of the boiler too. For larger work spaces you need a more powerful and therefore usually a more expensive boiler in order for it to work effectively and efficiently. You also require a bigger boiler for properties where there is greater heat loss.

Our expert boiler engineer will take all of these factors and more into consideration when they carry out a survey on your property. With all the data that they glean, they can provide commercial boiler prices for a range of options that will fit your needs, save you cash on heating bills by working as efficiently as possible, and will fall within your budget. Contact us today to enquire about commercial boilers.

Commercial Ranges

No matter how big or small your heating requirements we can help, as our commercial boiler ranges start 30 kW to 3.5MW and can be either wall hung or floor standing these boilers offer outstanding performance levels.


Commercial Survey for your boiler install

Commercial boilers need to be accurately surveyed to ensure you get the exact boiler to meet your needs this allows you to fine tune your heating requirements to ensure the savings you make are maximised.


You can easily book an online survey or call one of our project manager specialists today.

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    My wife and I would like to thank you all for the competence and excellent work carried out at our home, from the estimate and the fitter who plumbed in the new boiler, to the electrician who made our programmer work with the boiler, an excellent team of manpower seldom seen with so called professionals.

    Mr & Mrs Sheen, Doncaster

    Thanks Tom for all your patience and time you spent answering all my questions and promptly ringing me back each time and thanks to your office staff always polite and helpful, a big thank you to John and Chris for installing the boiler and all the other jobs, both worked efficiently and cleanly, John was very good explaining everything as he went along. 

    Mr Peacock, Holmfirth

    I am very happy with the service I received. My new boiler has been installed very quickly and hassle free, I would definitely recommend this service.

    Moyra Thomas, Stockport

    Rizwan was a very good engineer he was very clean and made the place spotless after he had gone.

    Mary Jones, Birmingham

    Brilliant service from all the team. Thanks. Our old boiler died and from a very reasonable quote to fitting a new one within a couple days. Excellent advice and workmanship too.

    Adrian Charlton, West Yorkshire

    My old boiler went kaput, Clever Energy Boilers gave me a great price and fitted my new boiler within 3 days. Very pleased with the work carried out and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone needing a new boiler. A big thank you to both the installation team and the electrical man, both first class.

    Mr Herbert, Yorkshire