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When your old boiler is on its last legs you immediately want to know the answer to the question is how much is a new combi boiler. Unfortunately, if you are in the market for a new combi boiler, system boiler or any other type of heating system, there is no definitive answer. This is because the new boiler cost depends on a lot of different factors.

Things to consider in the cost of a new boiler

  • The cost of the new boiler as prices can differ widely depending on which boiler you chose, Worcester Bosch combi boiler cost v a cheaper brand
  • boiler installation price for the engineer to install the boiler
  • Relocating the new boiler
  • Changing the boiler type from an old system to a new combi boiler
  • New boiler controls – smart thermostats
  • Additional piping work and upgrades in piping which is now a legal requirement
  • Extended warranties we offer up to 12 years complete peace of mind

Here in this article we aim to discuss this with you to ensure you fully understand the true of cost of having a new boiler installed, but don’t worry we offer a fully inclusive boiler installation quotation service with no additional costs.

Clever Energy Boilers will come to your home and provide a fixed, no obligation new boiler quote. This means you can find out exactly how much you will have to pay for your new boiler installation before you have committed to anything. We work out what type of new boiler you need, the size required, the work involved in fitting it and a host of other factors before revealing the new boiler price. We can quote for both standard and premium models, giving you the option to either choose the course of action that best suits you.

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Here is the Clever Energy Boilers guide to the cost of a new boiler in the UK.

Elements That Affect the New Boiler Cost

Here are some of the factors that affect the new boiler cost and which show why trying to seek out the average cost of a new boiler is not necessarily helpful in working out what the overall price will be in your specific situation.

  • The Price of the New Boiler Alone

The cost of the unit itself is a large part of the new boiler price. Models range in value, from as low as £400 to around £1,200. The important thing to note is that the premium models may cost more, but they are also likely to be more efficient, saving more money on energy bills in the long run, and more reliable and long-lasting too. For example, a new Worcester boiler will cost more than a Vokera, but you just have to look at the most recent Which? Magazine boiler report to see how much better value the Worcester Bosch device is.

  • The New Boiler Installation Cost

If the job is as simple as swapping an old combi boiler for a new combi boiler in the same position, the new boiler installation cost will be less than changing from a combi to a system boiler and moving the location to another room. The gas engineer will have to reroute the pipework and install a new flue, which will take longer and cost more.

  • Necessary Extras to Make Your New Gas Boiler Legal

It could be that your flue cannot run horizontally, so must be vertical and head straight up through the roof. This adds additional costs to the job. Additionally, if you need a plume kit to direct the fumes away from windows and nearby properties, this will add to the new boiler price. You might also need to replace old piping that does not meet current regulations.

  • New Boiler Controls

If you want the controls you use to work the boiler upgrading to the latest, easy-to-use smart devices, this will add to the cost of a new boiler.

  • Extended Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty on your new boiler gives you peace of mind that any problems will be fixed without too much hassle. However, to qualify for anything more than the bog standard warranty, you often have to fit additional components to the boiler, which costs more at the start, even if it could save you plenty in the long run.

How Much Does a New Combi Boiler Cost?

Generally speaking, installing a new combi boiler costs between around £1,500 and £3,500 including installation. The actual price you pay depends on the factors listed above. From a purely financial sense, you may be tempted to opt for the new combi boiler option that costs the least, but that can often prove a false economy.

If you install a new Worcester boiler in your home, for example, you know that you are buying the most reliable model on the market. The new boiler price is well worth it because you will not have to spend time and money calling out engineers all the time for the entire life of the boiler. Unfortunately, some of the cheaper models on the market simply do not stand up to scrutiny and, although you save initially, you end up with more hassle and spending more money on repairs once the warranty expires.

A new Worcester boiler is also likely to run more efficiently than the lower quality alternatives. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle range is powerful but also wastes very little of the gas pumped into the unit. This means you save on your heating bills and it is better for the environment. As new combi boiler deals go, in the long run, a new Worcester boiler is a sound investment.

Get a New Boiler and Pay Monthly or Apply for a New Boiler Grant

If the price of a new boiler installation seems a little too out of reach for your finances at the moment, there is no need to worry. There are a couple of ways you can have the new boiler powering your central heating and hot water in no time at all with a new boiler pay monthly plan or by applying for a new boiler grant.

The new boiler pay monthly plan is one of our Smart Ways to Pay. As a credit broker, we can find you a new boiler finance deal to spread the cost over up to ten years with low monthly repayments. Alternatively, there is a Buy Now Pay Later option too, where you pay nothing for 12 months and then either pay off the balance or commence 120 monthly repayments. For more details on how to get a new boiler on finance, see the Smart Ways to Pay page.

You might also be eligible for a new boiler grant through the government’s ECO funding strategy. This new boiler scheme provides free or discounted modern, efficient boilers to people in receipt of one of a list of benefits. To find out if you might qualify for government grants for new boilers, see the ECO Funding page of this website. The idea is to allow those who might not otherwise be able to afford it to install an efficient boiler that cuts their fuel bills and helps the environment.

which is the best boiler

Vaillant Combi Boiler Range

Vokera Combi Boiler Range

  • Vokera Compact 25A ErP  5 Year Warranty
  • Vokera Compact 29A ErP  5 Year Warranty
  • Vision 25C (built in 7 day digital clock)  5 Year Warranty
  • Vision 30C (built in 7 day digital clock)  5 Year Warranty
  • Vokera Unica i28  5 Year Warranty
  • Vokera Unica i32  5 Year Warranty
  • Vokera Unica i36  5 Year Warranty
  • Extended 10 year warranties are available for Vision and Unica for £175

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