In this document Clever Energy Boilers is a trading name of The Green Deal Factory Limited and is referred to as CEB.

Product cover
Your cover will commence on the date shown on your agreement for a period of twelve months from that date. In the case of the first years cover no claim can be made in the first 28 days of cover from the date shown on the agreement.

We will usually give you 28 days notice to tell you about any changes to what is included in your agreement (or any changes to your prices) for the next period of the agreement. Unless you tell us when we write to you that you do not want to renew, we will automatically renew your agreement for another fixed period of a year.

The agreement is a rolling twelve month contract and remains valid until termination by either CEB or the client, a period of 28 days notice is required by either party for cancellation in writing.

In the event of a cancellation CEB reserve the right to charge at our current hourly rate with the addition of any parts used, for any work carried out.

Changes in price and renewals
The price shown on your agreement will not change until renewal date.

Gas supply cover
Gas Supply Cover can be added to your agreement, at an additional cost of £2 per month.

This covers parts and labour for the internal gas supply pipework within the property from the gas meter to the boiler and any other gas appliances.

Gas fires service
Annual Gas fire servicing can be added to your agreement, at an additional cost of £2 per fire per month.

This covers an annual service and does not include any repairs. Any repair work will be charged separately, with a quotation provided before proceeding.

Boiler replacement
New replacement boiler if your boiler is beyond economical repair and it was installed less than 7 years ago.

Replacing your boiler if it is between 7 and 10 years old and cannot be repaired, as long as it was installed by CEB and as long as you have had a continuous agreement for the life of the boiler.

First service/initial inspection prior to contract
Within 28 days of starting your Smart Care plan CEB will inspect the installation / boiler to ensure that it is in safe working order and that it has been installed to the manufacturer’s instructions. Our service engineer will provide you with a 1st visit check list to show what has been inspected.

If the boiler/system passes the initial inspection we will take your system/boiler on cover. In the case that rectification work is required we would either:

1. Inform you of what rectification work is required, and what the cost will be to have the work done.

2. Or, offer you the same agreement, but exclude the part/parts that require attention.


  • Removal of sludge and power flushing (see power flushing section)
  • Damage to external flue component and terminal guards. Repairs or replacement flues including the terminal with a Re-setting of time
    controls and/or thermostats.
  • Topping up of pressurised systems, i.e., combination boilers and system boilers.
  •  Supply the addition of inhibitors.
  • Replacement of decorative parts.
  • System noise, that is generally caused by the age of the boiler/ system, this is not regarded as a fault.
  • Accidental damage, theft or attempted theft.
  • Break downs caused by problems with the supply of gas, electric or water.
  • Call outs where no fault is found.
  • Boiler and/or any equipment not installed to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Heating appliances such as; kick space heaters or fan assisted heaters, designer radiators, cast iron radiators, duel fuel kits and controls, immersion heaters, primatic cylinders, custom made cylinders and thermal stores.
  • Curved radiators (usually found under bay windows) are not covered. In the instance that you have a curved radiator which requires replacement, our engineers will do the following:

Fit a similar sized radiator on an adjacent ‘flat’ wall including any alterations to existing pipework.
Fit a curved radiator, supplied by you, to the existing wall space. In this instance we accept no responsibility for any leaks to the radiator as a result of manufacturer.

  • Supplying or installing of batteries to wireless controls.
  • Venting of radiators.
  • Any costs protected by manufacturer’s warranties.
  • Damage arising from floods, lightning, storms, frost, or extreme weather conditions.
  • Third party damage, i.e., costs incurred because of damage caused by either yourself or someone else.
  • Missed appointments.
  • Costs incurred by lack of access to equipment, i.e., boilers, pipework, pipework which are boxed in. Any redecoration required after we have to make access to pipework.
  • Inaccessible pipework and cables, which are buried within the fabric of the building.
  • Any loss you occur caused by any of your equipment not working.
  • Any inadequacy attributing to the original installation or design of the system that we could not, using reasonable care and skill, identify on our first visit or repair call out.
  • Repairing or replacing parts of your central heating system that are specifically designed for underfloor heating or warm air systems.
  • Internet connected heating controls allow you to control your central heating system remotely. We may not be able to replace internet connect heating controls with like for like replacements.
  • Only pipework after the stop tap is covered. Appliances connected to the pipework e.g. taps, showers, WC cisterns etc are not covered.
  • In the first year of contract no claim can be made within 14 days of the commencement of the contract date.

Power flushing
Power flushing is used to remove sludge, debris and iron oxides from your heating system. We may on our initial inspection recommend, before we take your system on cover that you power flush your system and have a magnetic system filter fitted.

Experience and facts show that a large percentage of boiler and control faults are contributed by sludge and debris within the system, this is the reason we may recommend the system to be power flushed. One of the usual causes of oxidisation or sludge build up is caused by system design or installation faults. Our engineer will advise if any remedial work is necessary.

If we do recommend a power flush we would charge you for this service. Once we have carried out a power flush, and any rectification work required is completed, should the system require another power flush in the future there will be no charge, as long as you have got a magnetic system filter fitted and are still in contract with CEB.

In the event that we recommend a power flush and you decide against the system being flushed, should a component fail because of sludge, debris or oxidisation e.g. radiator, pump, heat exchanger etc this will not be covered in the agreement.

Annual Service
A service to your heating system/boiler will be carried out on an annual basis. We will notify you in writing that your system is due for a service. It is your responsibility to respond to the letter and contact us to arrange a time and date. The service is part of your maintenance cover and is not to pay for.

Annual servicing is usually carried out between 1st April and the 31st August, Monday to Friday, this may mean that your first service is carried out either less than twelve months or over the twelve month period, each year after that the service will be carried out as near as possible to the twelve month period. The reason for servicing to be carried out during the summer months is to provide a better service and response time during the winter months when demand for breakdowns is likely to be higher.

The only time slot our engineer can guarantee a fixed time is the first call in the morning. The other time slots depend on how much time they require on each visit.

For this reason time slots are as follows:

9am-1pm and 1pm-6pm

Missed appointment
If an appointment is made and you miss the appointment, a card will be left by our engineer, showing the day and time they visited. Missed appointments are not included in your agreement and you may be charged one hours labour at our normal hourly rate

Parts and components
New parts will only be fitted when the existing part is beyond repair. Although when possible we will fit the same part, if this is not possible we may fit alternative parts that are adequate and of the same quality but are not exactly the same.

Although we do carry a large amount of spares, it is impossible to stock/carry all spares. In the case where a part has to be ordered CEB cannot be responsible for any delays from either the manufacturers or their suppliers, and are not liable to pay any compensation should this arise.

Change of ownership and moving house
If the ownership of the dwelling shown on the agreement changes, the new owner will retain the benefits of the contract, as long as payments due are maintained. No refund will be available for the unexpired part of the agreement. It is the owner and new owner’s responsibility to inform CEB of new ownership.

If you are moving home to a new address, please notify CEB as soon as possible. When we have received your new address we will transfer your details/agreement to your new address. We will then arrange for you an initial service inspection.

You can cancel your agreement at any time in writing to us, giving 28 days notice, to the address below.

If you cancel your agreement in the first year we may charge you for any work carried out (parts & labour) under the agreement. These will be charged at our standard rates.

We reserve the right to terminate your agreement in the following circumstances:

  • If you have provided false information.
  • If you fail to make a payment.
  • If circumstances change to alter the installation/design of the
    system, i.e. kitchen units/cupboards built around appliances, building extensions etc.
  • If Health and Safety issues make it inappropriate for our engineer to work safely.
  • Providing we give you adequate notice (28 days).

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What customers say about Clever Energy Boilers

Our boiler broke down and I did not have any savings. I contacted Clever Energy Boilers who within 24 hours sent a Surveyor round to see me.

We discussed all boiler brands and warranty options and then how I could spread the payments over 10 years.

Ms Kirsty Higgins, Halifax, West Yorkshire

Our boiler broke down and I did not have any savings. I contacted Clever Energy Boilers who within 24 hours sent a Surveyor round to see me.

We discussed all boiler brands and warranty options and then how I could spread the payments over 10 years.

Mr Denis Towers Preston Lancashire

Our boiler broke down and I did not have any savings. I contacted Clever Energy Boilers who within 24 hours sent a Surveyor round to see me.

We discussed all boiler brands and warranty options and then how I could spread the payments over 10 years.

Ms Christine Kay, West Yorkshire

Our boiler broke down and I did not have any savings. I contacted Clever Energy Boilers who within 24 hours sent a Surveyor round to see me.

We discussed all boiler brands and warranty options and then how I could spread the payments over 10 years.

Mr & Mrs G Williams, Lancashire

When we realised our boiler was on its last legs, we got a few quotes to get it replaced. Clever Energy Boilers were not the cheapest but we liked there fact we could pick up the phone and speak to someone, plus they got back to us when we had a query quickly.

Mr and Mrs Barnforth, Oldham, Lancashire

The whole experience at Clever Energy was a smooth one, from my first dealings on the phone, right through to the installation. We pretty much saw a saving in our heating bills straight away.

Mr. Joesph, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire