We aim to provide information about boilers we supply and review, which we consider to be the most effective. Listed are the latest system boilers from manufacturers available.

Clever Energy Boilers supplies system boilers across the north of England and the Midlands. We have fitted more than 5,000 boilers in eight years, building up a long list of happy customers who are more than happy to leave us glowing reviews online. In addition, we have won a variety of awards for our business, including the celebrated Green Deal Installer of the Year award.

With the backing of satisfied customers and respected industry insiders, you can be sure that Clever Energy Boilers are a trusted team when it comes to supplying and installing system boilers.

Our team is extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced when it comes to fitting system boilers, and we take the time to explain why the boiler we recommend to you best fits your requirements. When we come to fit the system boiler, we talk you through the process, answer all of your questions and leave your home as we found it, clearing away any mess caused as part of the job.

Our customer support is first class and is there to help you out if you have any further questions once the job is done. We can provide a service plan to suit your needs after installation and, as a registered credit broker, we can also help you find the ideal way to pay for your system boiler too.

What is a System Boiler?

system boiler worcester boschA system boiler heats the central heating system in your home and provides hot water, which it stores in a tank or cylinder. System boilers differ from conventional boilers because they draw the water from the mains, which they then heat up and store in the cylinder. A conventional boiler uses cold water stored in a tank, usually in the loft, for its supply.

The difference between a combi boiler and a system boiler is that the system boiler heats the water in advance, allowing you to access hot water immediately as long as there is some remaining in the cylinder. With a combi boiler, the mains water runs into the boiler, which comes to life when the hot tap is turned on. This means that you have a wait a short amount of time before the temperature of the water begins to rise.

As system boilers use water from the mains, they are great for running high pressure showers as long as the supply into your home is adequate. This is not always possible with a conventional boiler. Another advantage of choosing a system boiler over a conventional boiler is that they take up less room. They only require a hot water cylinder and a boiler unit, meaning you don’t need to find room for a cold water tank as well. This is particularly helpful if you live in a small property, you do not have a loft or you do have a loft, but you are considering converting it into a living space.

How Does a Boiler Feed System Work?

conventional system boilerThe water comes into the system boiler from the mains supply and is heated using a heat exchanger. From there, these boilers supply hot water to the radiators in your central heating system and fill up a tank or cylinder ready to supply your taps and showers when needed.

The majority of the components needed for the system boiler to work are situated within the main boiler unit. This includes the pump, which efficiently distributes the hot water around the house, making a system boiler an effective way of keeping your home warm and with instant hot water on demand.

The boiler uses a condensing system to recycle the energy from the flue gases that would otherwise go to waste, preheating the cold water. This makes system boilers more efficient by helping them reduce the CO2 your home consumes, especially if you keep your hot water tank well insulated.

System boilers are ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms and where numerous sources wish to use hot water at once. As the water is preheated, all requests can be dealt with at once, maintaining the temperature and pressure in the way that a combi boiler cannot. Once the cylinder is empty, it needs to refill and reheat in order to provide the home with more hot water.

What is the Cost of a New System Boiler?

finding out the cost of a system boilerJust as there are a wide range of different makes and models of system boiler, there are also big variations in price. The cost of a new system boiler depends on the quality of the model and the size of the boiler too. If you have a large home and require a more powerful boiler with a bigger hot water cylinder, you will pay more than for a smaller boiler with a smaller hot water tank in a basic range.

You can buy system boilers costing between £600 and £2,500 for the unit alone, which is why we will undertake a survey on your home to match you with a boiler that is good quality, powerful enough to meet the needs of your family and within your proposed budget.

Our preferred range comes from Worcester Bosch, who we know to produce top quality system boilers that offer excellent value for money. We are Worcester Bosch accredited installers and our experienced team know all about the products that the company supplies. If you have any queries about their system boilers, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can provide the answers you need.

For an idea of the cost of your new system boiler, use our Instant Quote tool. It will take on board information about the type of home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you have, and provide a quote for a new boiler. It provides both standard and premium packages for you to consider.

What Size System Boiler do I Need?

When we talk about the size of the system boiler you need, it is in relation to how powerful it is in kilowatts, rather than the physical size of the unit itself. System boilers need to be able to cope with the number of radiators in your home to provide effective central heating and the size of the hot water cylinder you have to ensure there is always hot water. If you are buying a new cylinder or hot water tank at the same time, you need to carefully consider the amount of hot water your family uses. Once the cylinder is drained, you then have to wait for it to fill and heat up again before you can use the shower, run the bath, do the washing up and so on.

The hot water flow rate is less important with a system boiler than it is with a combi boiler, as it stores the water in a tank, rather than heating it on demand.

If you own a home with up to ten radiators, you can generally look at system boilers of between 9 and 15kW. If you have up to 15, you might need a boiler with an output of between 18 and 25kW, and bigger properties usually need larger sized system boilers. However these figures are merely to be used as a guide, and our experienced staff will be able to advise you accurately on the ideal boiler for you when they come to survey your home.

If you have any questions about system boilers, call us on 01274 214557 today, or fill in the contact box.

Worcester Bosch System Boiler Range

  • Greenstar 30cdi Classic System ERP 30KW 7 Year Warranty
  • Greenstar 35cdi Classic System ERP 34KW 7 Year Warranty
  • Greenstar 9i ERP 9KW 7 Year Warranty
  • Greenstar 12i ERP 12KW 7 Year Warranty
  • Greenstar 15i ERP 15KW 7 Year Warranty
  • Greenstar 18i ERP 18KW 7 Year Warranty
  • Greenstar 21i ERP 21KW 7 Year Warranty
  • Greenstar 24i ERP 24KW 7 Year Warranty
  • Greenstar 27i Compact System ERP 27KW 7 Year Warranty
  • Greenstar 30i Compact System ERP 30KW 7 Year Warranty

Ideal System Boiler Range

  • Logic 15  24KW  2 Year Warranty
  • Logic 18  30KW  2 Year Warranty
  • Logic 24  35KW  2 Year Warranty
  • Logic 30 30KW  2 Year Warranty
  • Extended 5 year warranties available on Ideal system boilers for £90
  • Logic 15 Plus  24KW  7 Year Warranty
  • Logic 18 Plus  30KW  7 Year Warranty
  • Logic 24 Plus  35KW  7 Year Warranty
  • Logic 30 Plus  30KW  7 Year Warranty
  • Vogue 15 HE System  10 Year Warranty
  • Vogue 18 HE System  10 Year Warranty
  • Vogue 26 HE System  10 Year Warranty
  • Vogue 32 HE System  10 Year Warranty

Vaillant System Boiler Range

  • Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 612 ErP  12KW  7 Year Warranty
  • Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 615 ErP  15KW  7 Year Warranty
  • Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 618 ErP  18KW  7 Year Warranty
  • Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 624 ErP  24KW  7 Year Warranty
  • Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 630 ErP  30KW  7 Year Warranty
  • Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 637 ErP  37KW  7 Year Warranty

Vokera System Boiler Range

  • Vokera Compact 25A ErP  5 Year Warranty
  • Vokera Compact 29A ErP  5 Year Warranty
  • Vision 25C (built in 7 day digital clock)  5 Year Warranty
  • Vision 30C (built in 7 day digital clock)  5 Year Warranty
  • Vokera Unica i28  5 Year Warranty
  • Vokera Unica i32  5 Year Warranty
  • Vokera Unica i36  5 Year Warranty
  • Extended 10 year warranties are available for Vision and Unica for £175

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My wife and I would like to thank you all for the competence and excellent work carried out at our home, from the estimate and the fitter who plumbed in the new boiler, to the electrician who made our programmer work with the boiler, an excellent team of manpower seldom seen with so called professionals.

Mr & Mrs Sheen, Doncaster

Thanks Tom for all your patience and time you spent answering all my questions and promptly ringing me back each time and thanks to your office staff always polite and helpful, a big thank you to John and Chris for installing the boiler and all the other jobs, both worked efficiently and cleanly, John was very good explaining everything as he went along. 

Mr Peacock, Holmfirth

I am very happy with the service I received. My new boiler has been installed very quickly and hassle free, I would definitely recommend this service.

Moyra Thomas, Stockport

Rizwan was a very good engineer he was very clean and made the place spotless after he had gone.

Mary Jones, Birmingham

Brilliant service from all the team. Thanks. Our old boiler died and from a very reasonable quote to fitting a new one within a couple days. Excellent advice and workmanship too.

Adrian Charlton, West Yorkshire

My old boiler went kaput, Clever Energy Boilers gave me a great price and fitted my new boiler within 3 days. Very pleased with the work carried out and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone needing a new boiler. A big thank you to both the installation team and the electrical man, both first class.

Mr Herbert, Yorkshire