Up to 25% energy saving! Under floor heating technology can offer a highly efficient way of discretely heating your home with no need for conventional radiators.

Perfect for modern living

The heat is produced through pipes that pump hot water or electricity coils under the whole surface area of the room. By covering a much larger surface area it heats the room at a lower temperature than a traditional heating system with radiators.


Therefore underfloor heating is 25% more efficient saving you in the long term vast sums of money.

Designing the best underfloor heating systems around your needs

Underfloor heating UFH needs careful design. Designing the perfect bespoke heating system for your home can achieve enhanced performance and ensure a high efficiency savings for your needs.

To design the perfect system for your home our system designers will visit your home and take accurate heat loss calculations.

We take into consideration the insulation levels, external walls, windows and ceiling heights. This helps to assist us a heating system to achieve the best comfort levels. The UFH will be designed to gain 25% heat efficiency savings.

Our team of experts are happy to help, so call 0330 055 2210 and explain how an under floor heating system will integrate into your home.

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