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Worcester Bosch is one of the leading boiler manufacturers in the UK and beyond. The firm produces both gas and oil fired boilers as well as a host of other products for heating your home or business.

For the last nine years, the Worcester Bosch Boiler has gained the top brand score in the Which? Boiler Brands Report, compiled by reviews from customers and installers alike. A number of Worcester Bosch boilers also achieved Best Buy status in the report, including the entirety of the energy efficient Greenstar gas and oil boiler range.

Clever Energy Boilers is a Worcester Bosch accredited installer with years of experience fitting these top quality products into happy customers’ homes. If you are looking for a new Worcester Bosch combi boiler, system boiler or regular boiler, our Gas Safe registered engineers will be able to fit the perfect model that will provide you with hot water, warm radiators and a significant saving on your energy costs thanks to the energy efficiency of the brand’s products.

Whatever you need from your new boiler, based on the needs of your family, the size of your home and the way you use your hot water and central heating, there is a Worcester Bosch boiler designed for you. Read on Which is the best combi boiler.

When you are looking for a Worcester combi boiler, there is a huge range to choose from. Each comes with its own array of features to increase usability, efficiency and convenience. Some, like the Greenstar Si Compact and Greenstar CDi Compact, fit inside a standard kitchen cupboard. Others, such as the Greenstar CDi Highflow can fill a standard eight-litre kitchen sink in 19 seconds (raising the cold water temperature by 40 degrees and with no flow restrictions).

There is also the Greenstar Lifestyle range of Worcester Bosch combi boilers, which are designed to look stunning in a modern kitchen and to work seamlessly with the wireless technology used by Bosch EasyControl.

Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler Sizes

worcester bosch boiler sizesThere is an array of Worcester Bosch combi boiler sizes, ensuring that as many people as possible can enjoy the comfort that these products bring. The sizing of a combi boiler usually refers to its output, measured in kW. Smaller homes usually require a lower kW figure, while larger properties with two bathrooms require a higher output.

Worcester Bosch combi boiler sizes vary from around 24kW to 50kW. If you are in the market for a new boiler, you can request a free, no-obligation survey from an expert Clever Energy Boilers installer. They will come to your house and note down information including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and radiators that make up your property. In addition they will take into account the potential heat loss from your home and factor it in to work out the size of boiler you need that will fulfil all your needs without being over-powered. This way, you can enjoy the best possible energy bill savings thanks to your Worcester combi boiler.

In terms of Worcester combi boiler dimensions, there is also a wide range, from small models that can be easily hidden away to larger wall mounted oil combi boilers and floor standing condensing combi boilers. Your desired dimensions for the boiler itself can be discussed with the surveyor, who will factor that in before they recommend the models they think will suit your needs.

Worcester Combi Boiler Prices

As with the large selection of sizes, there is also a difference between the Worcester combi boiler prices across the range. In general, the less powerful the boiler, the lower the price to have it supplied and installed. Worcester Bosch combi boiler prices also depend on the size of the installation job too. If it is a simple replacement from one combi boiler to another, that will be reflected in the price, as it would if the boiler had to move position and there was more work involved to adjust the pipework and flue, for instance.

At Clever Energy Boilers, we want to ensure that you know exactly how much you will pay for a top quality new Worcester Bosch combi boiler before you commit to it. This is why our professional and knowledgeable surveyor will make a thorough assessment of your needs at no cost and with no obligation to buy. They will provide you with some quotes for boilers that are ideally suited to your type of property as well as their installation, and these prices will remain fixed for a period of time while you make your mind up.

You can discuss the prices and the calculations that go into them with the surveyor or call our customer care team at any time. We want there to be no hidden surprises standing between you and the powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly benefits of your new Worcester combi boiler. Whether it is the Worcester 30i combi boiler or one of the new Greenstar Lifestyle range, we can supply and fit it in your home. You can also read reviews of all of our Worcester Bosch combi boilers, featuring detailed specifications.

Worcester Oil Combi Boiler

oil boilers worcester bocheAs an alternative to gas, you can also find a Worcester oil combi boiler to suit your home. Whether you are one of the millions of UK homes that are not connected to the gas network, or you simply want an alternative fuel to power your boiler, Worcester oil fired combi boilers provide you with supreme heat and hot water on demand.

The Heatslave range is loved by homeowners around the country and is suitable for small, medium and large homes with one or two bathrooms. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II is the UK’s most popular oil combi boiler, with the Heatslave II External the most popular external oil combi on the market.

The Heatslave II is compact, but powerful. It fits inside a standard kitchen cabinet to make the most of the available space. The external version features a robust shell that allows it to stand outside, freeing up more room in the home. Both of these Worcester oil combi boilers feature an eco hot water mode to help save energy. They are compatible with optional controls to make using them even easier, and they can use water heated by green methods such as solar panels too. Read More on Worcester Bosch Oil Boilers.

LPG Combi Boiler Worcester

If you want an LPG combi boiler, Worcester Bosch has the answer. Using this dense gas, you need only a relatively small storage tank in which to keep the LPG. In addition, if you use LPG for your Worcester Bosch boiler, you can also use the supply to power your oven and hob.

There are many LPG models available from the company, including the Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior LPG combi boiler and the Worcester Greenstar 38cdi Classic LPG combi boiler. As with gas and oil boilers, when you have a free, no obligation survey on your home by Clever Energy Boilers to assess your needs, you will be provided with the LPG boiler models most suitable for you, as well as a fixed quote for the work.

Worcester Bosch LPG combi boiler prices are calculated in the same way as any other boiler. We work out the size of boiler that you need and offer a quote based on that, whether you want a standard or premium model, and the difficulty of the installation work. To book in a free home survey, call 01274 214557 or fill in your details in the contact form on this page.