Worcester Bosch is one of the most reliable and trusted boiler manufacturers and have an excellent reputation for manufacturing and engineering, and this hasn’t been lost on their condensing combi boiler range.

Worcester Greenstar 30i Combi Boiler

This Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i review tells you everything you need to know about this popular medium-sized combi boiler and system boiler. The Worcester Bosch i range is the company’s most popular boiler range, thanks to its great design, excellent efficiency, ease of use and build quality.

A Worcester 30i boiler is powerful enough to handle the central heating and hot water needs of a medium sized home with around 15 radiators and up to two bathrooms. The Worcester Bosch 30i system boiler can handle even more hot water use, thanks to the fact that it stores hot water in a cylinder and doesn’t rely on the pressure of the mains water to provide showers, baths and filled sinks at the same time. Keep reading to find out whether the Worcester combi boiler 30i or the system version is best for your individual needs.

The Worcester Bosch 30i is our best selling boiler, having proved very popular with customers looking for that ideal heating solution. This Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i review contains all the information you need to find out exactly why households and experts alike are raving about this boiler.

Worcester Bosch 30i Features

Here are the standout Worcester Bosch 30i features that make this the ideal combi or system boiler for your home:

  • A-rated for efficiency
  • Combi can be rated A+ when paired with the Bosch EasyControl system.
  • Simple controls
  • Clear and easy to use display panel
  • Low energy pump to reduce the amount of electricity you use
  • Condensate discharge is resilient to freezing in temperatures as low as -15C

Although the trend with many manufacturers is to overcomplicate their boiler displays in order to make them look more technologically advanced, the Greenstar 30i takes the opposite route. Simplicity is key, allowing you to easily perform the functions you need and to control the heat of your radiators and hot water.

This efficient boiler will save you potentially hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bills when replacing an old model. The advancements in boiler technology mean that the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i wastes so little energy while heating your home, compared to boilers from just a few years earlier. You can connect a host of additional controls to the Worcester 30i, including the Bosch EasyControl system, which helps bring the combi boiler version of the 30i to an outstanding A+ ERP rating.

With the addition of neat extras like a low energy pump that can save you up to 30% on your electricity bill and frost resistance as low as -15C for the condensate discharge, you can see why so many boiler users opt for the Worcester Greenstar 30i.

Worcester 30i Combi Review

The Worcester 30i combi boiler is ideal for medium sized homes with low to medium hot water usage. If you do not have the required space for a hot water cylinder, the combi is a perfect option. Combi boilers like the Worcester Bosch 30i are the most popular type of boiler in the UK. You don’t need to pre-heat and store the hot water you intend to use, and you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water and having to wait for the cylinder to refill.

A combi boiler, such as the Worcester 30i combi boiler, takes the water directly from your mains supply when you turn the hot tap on, heating it as it passes through and sending it on to the tap or shower you are using. This means you have theoretically unlimited hot water at the turn of a tap. The only drawback with a combi boiler is a reliance on the mains water pressure means that it struggles when there are multiple hot water demands at the same time.

The fact that they Worcester 30i combi is also able to achieve an A+ energy rating is a further example of the power of this boiler. When using the smart controls made by Bosch, the added precision and ability to fine tune your use of central heating means that even less energy than usual is wasted and that you make even better savings on your utility bill.

Worcester 30i System Boiler Review

If you have more than two bathrooms or you regularly use multiple hot water products at the same time, then the Worcester Bosch 30i system boiler is the best bet. You will also need to install a hot water cylinder if you do not already have one in the home. The Worcester 30i system boiler preheats the water you will use, meaning it doesn’t rely on the water pressure from the mains to distribute the hot water around the house.

When you turn on the hot tap or the shower, you get hot water more quickly than with a combi boiler, as the system boiler has already heated it and stored it in the cylinder to use. Although multiple family members can use hot water at the same time, the amount of hot water available is limited to the size of the tank. Once it is empty, you have to wait for the cylinder to fill again before you can do the washing up, have a shower, wash your hands and so on.

This is why, when you install the Worcester 30i system boiler in your home, you have to make sure you choose the size of cylinder carefully. You don’t want something too big so that you regularly waste energy heating too much water, but you don’t want to be left without hot water when you need it.

Worcester Bosch 30i Price

The Worcester Bosch 30i price depends on a number of different factors. First of all, you need to pick between the Worcester 30i combi and Worcester 30i system boiler. If you pick the latter, you might have to also add in the cost of fitting a hot water cylinder if you do not already have one.

For customers who currently have a combi boiler, it would cost less in labour to replace that with the Worcester 30i combi than it would to change to a system boiler. Similarly, fitting a new Worcester Greenstar 30i in the same location as the previous boiler would cost less than changing the route of the pipework and placing the boiler in a different position in the home.

Book in a home survey today and we will send a friendly and professional member of staff to your property. They will assess whether the Worcester combi boiler 30i or system boiler is more appropriate for your needs. In addition, they will look at what work is involved in the installation and will quote a fixed price for the job and labour. This Worcester Bosch 30i price will not change so you can be sure that you know exactly what you will pay before you agree to the work starting.

  • Central Heating Output: 24kw
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Output: 30kW
  • Hot Water Flowrate: 12.3 litres/minute


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  • Excellent technology
  • Compact combi boiler
  • A rated – highest possible efficiency rating
  • Lightweight can mount onto the wall
  • Easy to service removable side panels
  • Suited to a 2 to 3 bed 21 bath large home
  • Strong flow rate of 12.3 litres per minute
  • No water tank required.
  • Up to 10 years warranty
  • Excellent Which? reviews score of 75%

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