As an Ideal Accredited Installer we offer a comprehensive range of Ideal boilers all tailor-made to the requirements of your home including the Ideal Logic Plus and Vogue the individual outputs to suit your needs.

Ideal Logic Max Combi Boiler C30 Vs. Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW Combi

When choosing your new boiler, there are a dizzying array of options, which is why we have decided to compare the Ideal Logic Max combi boiler C30 and the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW combi. Both feature the same output power and are suitable for medium sized homes with up to two bathrooms. But which would be the best choice for you?

We look at build quality, reliability, features and a host of other factors that could sway you one way or another. We can supply and fit either of these two boilers and work with these companies’ products on a daily basis, so we know them inside out. Whether you think the Ideal Logic MAx combi boiler C30 is the way forward or you would prefer to install the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW combi, here are the facts you need to choose the best solution for you.

The Ideal Logic Max 30kW combi boiler is part of the prestigious Logic Max line from Ideal. This Yorkshire based firm is one of the most famous names in the boiler world, and has won awards from Good Housekeeping for its products in the past.

Worcester Bosch has been crowned the best boiler brand in the UK market by Which? for each of the last ten years, thanks to innovative models such as the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW combi. The majority of its Greenstar line is designated Best Buy status by the consumer champion and the Lifestyle range has been celebrated for its innovation.

Ideal Logic Max C30 Vs. Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW – Features

Both the Ideal Logic Max combi boiler C30 and the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW combi are feature packed boilers, appealing to householders across the country. Here are the stand-out elements of the Ideal Logic Max C30:

  • 10-year warranty.
  • Large digital display.
  • Compatible with a range of controls.
  • Compact to fit in a kitchen cupboard.

And here are the main features of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW combi

  • Eye catching and sleek design.
  • High hot water flow rates.
  • Intelligent filling system to maintain pressure.
  • Full colour display.
  • Wireless connectivity with smart thermostat.

In addition, both boiler models run smoothly and quietly while heating your home and hot water. The Ideal Logic Max C30 even bears the Quiet Mark to recognise how quietly it goes about its business.

With both boilers, you can use smart controls. The individual manufacturers recommend their own smart thermostats. For Ideal, this is the Touch Connect and for the Worcester Bosch model, this means Bosch EasyControl. With smart thermostats, you can turn your central heating on and off wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Your smartphone or tablet gives you control over the temperature in your home and you can heat it up ahead of your return or make it cooler if the weather is unexpectedly warm. This adds even more efficiency to the boilers.

Both models are A rated for both central heating and hot water, meaning you should see a noticeable reduction in your energy bills when you replace an old and inefficient boiler with either model.

Ideal Vs. Worcester Bosch

A good way to decide between the Ideal Logic Max combi boiler C30 and the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW combi is to look at the manufacturers’ reputations. Although Ideal is a big name in boilers, the Which? Boiler report showed that particularly gas engineers have some reservations about the company’s products.

The Hull firm’s brand overall brand score of 78% saw it rest in fifth place in the list of top boiler companies in the UK. A large part of this disappointing performance came from the results of the engineers’ feedback on whether they would recommend an Ideal boiler. The professionals were divided on this score and that impacted on Ideal’s performance.

Worcester Bosch topped the poll, with the gas professionals questioned giving the company a resounding five out of five when asked whether they would recommend their boilers. This was backed up by a five out of five rating from satisfied customers. In total, Worcester Bosch enjoyed an overall brand score of an impressive 90%, which was more than enough to see them crowned best boiler company in the UK for a tenth year in a row.

Should I Buy a Ideal Logic Max Combi Boiler C30 or a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW Combi

The decision between the Ideal Logic Max combi boiler C30 and the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW combi is entirely down to you. Clever Energy Boilers recommends Worcester Bosch products above all other companies’ boilers. We are proud to be accredited installers for the firm. However, we can also provide your home with an alternative from Ideal.

If you want to know how much the Ideal Logic Max combi boiler C30 or the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW combi would cost to install in your property, we can come and perform a home survey.

We take into account the amount of work involved in replacing your current boiler with your new model, and we make sure that the 30kW output of both the Ideal Logic Max combi boiler C30 and the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 30kW combi is suitable for your needs.

At the end of our survey, we will provide you with fixed quotes for installing both boilers so you can compare and contrast. There is no obligation to buy and you can take your time to decide the best way forwards. If you want to discuss the merits of both boilers, you can call 0330 055 2210 at any time to talk to our knowledgeable and friendly team.

We can come and install either boiler, making sure that we protect your interior as we work and that we leave no mess behind. Our aim is to ensure we cause minimal disruption to you and leave you with no sign of the work having taken place, other than the fact that you now have a hugely efficient and high quality boiler providing you

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