Oil is an efficient fuel so you get a good return on each unit of fuel you use to heat your home but the price of oil varies greatly and this can be an issue, oil is generally more expensive than gas which is why gas is the natural choice of fuel.

Worcester Bosch oil boilers are the perfect solution if you do not have access to the mains gas network. For many people in remote rural locations or who live on newly built estates, it is sometimes not possible to heat your home with natural gas. Worcester oil boilers allow you to enjoy the reliability and power that comes with a boiler from this renowned firm, whatever your situation.

The only difference between Worcester Bosch oil boilers and regular gas boilers is the fuel that powers them. However, you will also need to find room for a storage tank in which to keep the oil, and make sure that there is always enough fuel to keep your boiler running.

At Clever Energy Boilers, our recommended boiler brand is Worcester Bosch and we are accredited installers for their products. We are impressed with the build quality of Worcester Bosch boilers, as well as the customer service they provide and the many happy customers they create. It is not just us that is flying the flag for Worcester; they have topped the Which? Magazine brands list in the annual boiler report for nine years in a row.

The report relies on responses from both customers and installers, showing that a Worcester oil boiler is a great choice when you need to replace your old model with something new and efficient that will save you money on your energy bills.

Worcester Oil Combi Boiler

With a Worcester oil combi boiler, you get all the convenience of a regular gas combi boiler. You don’t need a separate water heater or cylinder so it saves space and you can use as much hot water as you like without worrying about it running out. The only difference is that your combi boiler is powered by oil rather than natural gas.

The boiler heats the water in your central heating system, sending it to the radiators and back. This circulation keeps your home at the temperature you require, which can be controlled by a thermostat or an input on your Worcester oil combi boiler. When you turn on the hot tap or shower, the boiler kicks into gear. The water flows through the boiler, heating up on its way to fill the sink or bath, or to provide a refreshing warm shower.

Benefits of a Worcester Oil Combi Boiler

  • No need for a separate water cylinder
  • Perfect for those not on the main gas network
  • Outstanding efficiency to help you save money on bills
  • All branded as a Best Buy by Which?

The Greenstar Heatslave II is not only the most popular Worcester Oil Combi boiler range, but it is also the most popular Oil Combi in the UK. There are models suitable for small, medium and large houses with either one or two bedrooms.

Each Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II model comes with Which? Magazine Best Buy status, offering peace of mind that you are buying a quality and reliable product.

Worcester External Oil Boiler

danemoor external boilerIf space inside your home is at a premium, you can install a Worcester external oil boiler that sits outside the property to perform the essential central heating and hot water tasks. They offer all of the same features as an internal Worcester oil boiler, but come with a durable robust cabinet that protects them from the weather conditions.

The cabinet is usually coloured green to allow your Worcester external oil boiler to blend in with the look and feel of your garden. They also come with inbuilt protection from the frost to help these Worcester Bosch oil boilers continue to run smoothly in the depths of winter, when you need them the most.

You can find Worcester external oil boiler models to suit all sizes of home, from small to large. External combi boilers are perfect for homes with up to two bedrooms, while external system boilers can happily provide enough hot water for properties with higher demand. With a system boiler, you will also need to find room for a hot water cylinder to store the hot water, ready for use.

Worcester Danesmoor 20/25 Oil Fired Boiler

The Worcester Danesmoor 20/25 oil fired boiler is a popular system boiler for those without access to mains gas. Many customers across the country have benefited from the reliability of this Worcester oil boiler over the decades, with many lasting well beyond their original warranty before needing any major repair jobs.

However, the Worcester Danesmoor 20/25 oil fired boiler is not as efficient as the newer models on the market. If you want to save significantly on your energy bills, there is a fine selection of other Worcester Bosch oil boilers to choose from.

The Worcester Bosch Danesmoor System, Danesmoor System Utility and Danesmoor External System are all market leading ranges, with different models suitable for different sized houses. Whichever oil boiler model you install in your home from these selections, you can rest easy, knowing that they come with a Which? Best Buy award recognising their reliability and how easy they are to service for engineers.

The new, modern Worcester oil boilers are all A-rated for efficiency and can even work with solar panels and other green sources of energy to help your home become even more eco-friendly.

If you are looking to replace a Worcester Danesmoor 20/25 oil fired boiler, any of the new Danesmoor ranges is worth looking into.

Worcester Oil Central Heating Boilers

ERP energy efficient oil boilersThe choice of Worcester oil central heating boilers is impressive and allows you to find something that suits all of your requirements and the demands of your home and family. If you need any advice when trying to narrow down the selection, Clever Energy Boilers can help.

We offer free, no-obligation home surveys to assess your individual situation. No two jobs are the same because no two households are the same, and we use all of our experience and expertise to match customers with their perfect Worcester oil central heating boilers.

When we visit, we can assess whether a Worcester external oil boiler would be worth considering, or whether a traditional internal boiler is required. We can talk you through where to locate your Worcester oil boiler, your options if you would like to be able to conceal it in a kitchen cupboard and any other query you might have.

You can book in a free home survey using the Contact form on this page, or call 0330 055 2210 to talk to our friendly and helpful team who can help you with anything you need to know about Worcester oil fired boilers.

Worcester Oil Boiler Prices

Worcester oil boiler prices depend on a number of factors. One of the main considerations is the size of the boiler that you need. Generally, the smaller the size, in terms of the power it creates (measured in kW), the lower the cost of the job. When recommending the size of boiler you need for your home, the expert Clever Energy Boilers engineer will take into account the number of radiators and bathrooms in your home, as well as the heat loss from the property.

However, there are other factors that help shape Worcester oil boiler prices. For example, if you need a hot water cylinder installation or if you want to change the location of the boiler. The surveyor will discuss all of these scenarios with you in order to find a package that works for you and fits within your budget.

Once they make the calculations and offer you Worcester oil boiler prices for a couple of different options, those prices stay fixed for a period of time to allow you to consider all the information and make a decision. You can ask any questions of the surveyor or our customer care team and we will be more than happy to provide you with the answers you need.

Contact Clever Energy Boilers today to find out more about the cost of Worcester Bosch oil boilers and the range of products on offer – call 0330 055 2210.


  • 5 year parts & labour warranty
  • German Technology
  • Dedicated customer services helpline
  • Comprehensive standard components
  • ErP compliant


When installing a new oil boiler you need to ensure you choose the most efficient boiler for your home. We achieve this by surveying your home to assess your needs so we ensure we buy the most efficient boiler.

As Platinum Worcester Bosch Installer we can select the best oil boiler to suit you needs. For an installation by a registered Worcester Bosch boiler engineer ring the office and book a survey to ensure you get practical advice and the right boiler to suit your needs.